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Waigaon Turmeric

Tribalight Premium Waigaon Turmeric Powder I Rich in Curcumin Content I GI Tagged I Pure & Natural
Waigaon Turmeric is the most demanded brand all over Maharashtra and the country. It originates from the widely known Turmeric village in Maharashtra. The strong flavour and aromatic fragrance along with the medicinal benefits of Waigaon turmeric are the most demanded products across the markets.
Weight 200 gm

Honey 250ml

Tribalight Natural & Forest Honey I 250ml I Pure & Raw Honey
Natural and eco-friendly honey is well known for its natural sweetener with many potential health qualities. Researchers have noted claims that it has antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties. Tribalight is the pioneer brand that is promoting natural honey products, directly procuring from the producers and processing the original product. Tribalight is the brand working directly with the producers and creating a demand-driven supply of original products as far as market demand is concerned.
Weight 200 ml


Tribalight Sorted Tamarind/Imli I Sweet & Sour I Forest Picked by Tribal Women Entrepreneurs I Add Taste to your food
Tamarind is a heavily demanded product in Indian and African cuisines. It is a fruit pod that has a sour-sweet taste. It has been used in various products to add flavour and flourish the taste of food items. Weight management, relief from stomach aches and constipation, balancing hypertension, managing diabetes, etc. are medical benefits of tamarind. Tribalight is working with the peasants who are skilled to produce quality and eco-friendly tamarind. The group of peasants involves ethnic and local producers which are helping to mitigate the global demand for quality eco-friendly and natural products.
Weight 250 gm

Chilli powder 200gm

Tribalight premium Red Chilli Powder |200gm of 2 | GI Tagged |Pure Natural
Red chilli powder is an essential spice used all around the world for countless purposes. It is treasured for its sizzling hot taste & flavour whichever it is added to. Tribalight procures quality and natural raw produce from the ethnic groups and the peasants who are skilled in quality natural farming. It processes the final product as per the market demand and helps customers get the right natural product as per their needs.
Weight 200 gm

Ghee 200gm

  • Enhances taste
  • Helps Digestion
  • Healthy skin

Dhana Jeera Powder 200gm

Tribalight Premium Coriender/Coriender-Cumic Powder I 200gm I Pack of 2 I Pure & Natural
Tribalight is promoting eco-friendly and natural organic spices which are good in their aroma, color, flavors, texture, etc. it is assisting ethnic peasants to promote the quality of the spices as per the market standards. It has been helping curate the market demand for its originality and quality content.
Weight 200 gm

Kawath Jam 200gm

Tribalight Highly Nutritional Wood Apple Jam I Pack of 2 I 200 gm
Worms or earthworms are referred to as vermin, and farming is referred to as culture. They are natural ploughers of the soil throughout the day and night, sustaining the richness and penetrability of the soil. Vermiculture is a method of farming earthworms and preserving them for increasing the production and productivity of different crops without any negative side effects. It is one of the methods of producing an additional source of income, economic empowerment and guaranteeing sustainable livelihood for the rural or not-so-socio-economically resourceful communities. Tribalight is striving hard to nurture and preserve their individuality and originality. We are putting in all potential efforts to transform and revamp the tribal communal by promoting and propagating its region-specific products which are natural and eco-friendly.

Combo Gift Box – Holiest gift for festive season (Turmeric & Honey)

  • A perfect gift for every occasion
  • A collection of Premium products
  • 100% natural & pure products
  • Products directly sourced from tribal farmers
  • Adds zest and taste to every dish
  • Several culinary uses in Indian cuisine

Shingada Flour 200gm

• Beneficial for weight loss. • Powerhouse of antioxidants and minerals. • Best for energy. • Healthy with taste.