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We Provide

Pooja Products

Pooja products play a significant role in various religious and spiritual practices across cultures, offering devotees a tangible way to connect with the divine. These products encompass a wide range of items that are essential for conducting sacred rituals, ceremonies, and prayers. From fragrant incense sticks that fill the air with a soothing aroma to beautifully crafted idols and statues that represent the divine, pooja products create an ambience of reverence and devotion. Tribalight Pooja products are more than mere material objects; they hold deep spiritual significance and foster a sense of sacredness and sanctity during worship. 

We Provide

Food & Grocery Products

In a world where globalization has led to the homogenization of food cultures, tribal food products serve as a reminder of the beautiful tapestry of traditions that enrich our global heritage. Embracing these unique delicacies is not just about nourishing our bodies but also our souls, as we embark on a culinary voyage that honors the resilience, creativity, and wisdom of tribal communities. With every taste, we become part of a greater story that bridges the past and the future, fostering appreciation for the invaluable knowledge of those who have lived in harmony with the land since time immemorial.

Our Products

Minimum order of ₹500.00 is required before checking out.

100% Natural & Biodegradable

Handmade eco-friendly sustainable products to be a part of the green movement


2 Units


9 Units


2 Units


Rs. 100/-

Upliftment & Development of Tribal Women

” Inspiring & Encouraging tribal women to move towards growth, Progress and development".





Tribal Women

Trained and benefited


Tribal Families



Develop, train, upskill and empower tribal women

How It Works_Employment generation

Employment generation

Increase abilities and enable confidence of tribal women, so that they can become self-sufficient wage earner.

How It Works_Sustainable livelihood and self-reliance

Sustainable livelihood & self-reliance

Scio-economic empowerment to improve lives and livelihoods by self-reliance.

How It Works_Infrastructure support

Infrastructure support

Ensuring development through infrastructural support, guaranteed sale of products and access to timely returns.

How It Works_Tribal women as beneficiaries

Tribal women as beneficiaries

Proceeds from the sales of products go to the tribal women directly.

How It Works_Local to global

Vocal for Local

Marketing and advertising tribal products on a global platform; encouraging the Tribal Community by giving employment opportunities.

How It Works_Effective promotion of products

Effective promotion of products

Progress and growth of the tribal women with effective promotion of products.


I recently had the incredible opportunity to experience the wonder of
tribal products and it has been a revelation for me.

Supriya Deshpande

I am amazed by the authenticity and charm of tribal handmade cow dung products. It feels great to support the livelihoods of tribal communities and contribute to environmental preservation.

Varsha Dhumal

I am very happy and satisfied with Tribalight' natural and eco-friendly cow dung products. It's incredible to see how ancient traditions and techniques are woven into these modern-day creations.

Renuka Yevlekar

The unique blend of tradition and modernity in these tribal products is truly captivating. They seamlessly blend into any setting, adding a touch of history and cultural significance to my home.

Shubhada Joshi